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Massage Gun

Massage Gun

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Do you feel your muscles hurt? Do you feel like your body is a little tense? Do you feel like having a good massage to make you feel fresh?

What if we told you that for less than the cost of one real-life massage, you could enjoy years and years of heavenly muscle relief?

You may have seen the countless Instagram videos of sports personalities pummelling their muscles into submission with, what looks like, a hand-held pneumatic drill. Well, it's not just some celebrity-endorsed gimmicky gadget, the Muscle Massage Gun seriously works.

It uses repeated percussive vibrations to warm up your muscle fibers before exercise to improve elasticity and prevent muscle damage. These deep and powerful pulses increase blood circulation and reduce lactic acid production to aid recovery and remove muscle soreness and tightness. So it's safe to say, it feels incredible.

  • Full body relaxation - Comes with 4 different massage heads (round head, flat head, forkhead, bullet head) for you to massage your muscle in every corner of the body, neck, back, effectively relieve muscle stiffness, soreness, pain, prevent fasciitis.
  • Powerful strong motor - 6 levels of vibration frequency for you to adjust, you can choose the best vibration frequency according to the body condition, quieter operation than other massagers, the strong motor offers a comfortable massaging without disturbing others.
  • Ergonomic handle - Our massage gun’s handle is with ergonomic design to fit your palm curve perfectly, sweat-proof for all-day dry, one hand to control, offering a non-slipping firm grip and max comfort while having the massaging.
  • Longer using time - The massage gun is equipped with rechargeable high performance 2200mA lithium-ion battery for a 3 hour continuous service time, while the concealed cooling system can effectively remove excess heat to make it safer to use.



זמני משלוח

אנו מציעים משלוח מהיר וחינמי לכל העולם.

זמן משלוח: 4-14 ימי עסקים לאחר הרכישה, תוכל לעקוב אחר החבילה שלך כאן

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