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Pro Neck Massage

Pro Neck Massage

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Does your neck hurt? Our new product will make the pain disappear!

The same relief you get at the chiropractor can be achieved in the comforts of your own home. This uses effective TENS pulse principles to relieve you of your lingering neck pain and migraines. 

It essentially provides miracle relief for your migraines, which can provide instant muscle and neck pain relief using heat and pulsation.

  • Through low-cycle pulse technology - penetrate 3-5 centimeters below the skin to open the pain points and meridians, and lighten the pain of the cervical spine.
  • Constant temperature massage - Hot compress at 42℃ can relax blood vessels, relax muscles and bones, accelerate blood circulation, and relieve cervical pain.
  • Massage modes and 15-step force adjustment - Acupuncture and moxibustion mode, massage mode, and knocking mode.
  • Shut down at regular intervals - The default 15 minutes after an automatic power failure, safer, more assured.
  • USB charging. 450mAh battery - charged for 2 hours, massaged for 15 minutes every day, lasted for about 1 month.


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זמני משלוח

אנו מציעים משלוח מהיר וחינמי לכל העולם.

זמן משלוח: 4-14 ימי עסקים לאחר הרכישה, תוכל לעקוב אחר החבילה שלך כאן

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