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EMS Buttock Trainer

EMS Buttock Trainer

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Work on your buttock without even trying with our EMS buttock trainer!

This device uses a system called EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). This system uses safe electromagnetic pulses sent directly to your muscles to stimulate contraction and extension movements, exactly like a regular workout.

This product is a physical workout device for enhancing your muscles. Without even lifting a finger, achieve the body of your dreams. The soft PU pad is comfortable and neatly fits the contours of your skin, while the electrodes utilizing silk printing and the conductive gel sheets distribute the pulses effectively.


Easy to use - Simply attach the pad to the area of your body you want to stimulate and let it run for 30 minutes.

Saves time - Using it for 30 minutes is the equivalent of a two-hour workout for that muscle group.

Boosts results without too much effort - You can use it during other daily activities, letting it work while you do other things without spending extra energy on unnecessary training.

  • Firms, Tones, Strengthens and Tightens Muscles
  • Electromagnetic pulses help firm and define your core by strengthening muscle contractions
  • Easy push-button operation with 6 modes. 
  • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) Technology
  • 1 day 1 time, every 30 minutes of training, Exercise, and tight muscles. 
  • Using the original training pulse with the frequency of the specific current
  • Design the training method of effective exercise muscles

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