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Glow in the Dark Stones

Glow in the Dark Stones

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These pebbles glow in the dark after absorbing the sunlight of daytime.
Lighting the pathway, driveway, walkway, flower bed, potted plants, or fish tanks.
Bring special color into your life. These stones could be an enchanting setting of romantic on a very special day.

1 Q: Will the luminous stone not shine, is it invalid?
A: The luminous stone is a light-storing product. The principle is that it can emit light by absorbing the light source. Each time the light is emitted is 8-12 hours, during which the first 1-2 hours is the high light period and continues to glow. The received product did not emit light because there was no absorption light source during the logistics. As long as you get sunlight or light for a while, you can shine again.
2 Q: Why do I have a day's sun during the day and it is still not lit at night?
A: Because the principle of luminous is to absorb light and emit light, which means that it begins to glow in the process of storing light. If the light is absorbed during the day, but after a dusk time, the luminous period of the luminous light is over, so you can only see it slightly
Weak light, but when you turn on the lights, you can see very bright.
3 Q: What is the brightest color of luminous stone?
A: The luminous stones are luminous in white colors, such as bright yellow-green, blue-green, and green. Other colors are colored with yellow-green powder plus color powder. The toner will cover the glow of luminous powder.
After being exposed to strong daylight for 3 hours, these pebbles can be lighted within 1-2 hours in the dark.

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